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Igloo Experiences Blog


In far less than ideal weather conditions (read pouring down with rain and we got soaked twice over) the Mistress team put together our first Igloo Experience at Napoleone Cider yesterday for a proposal as part of a day organised by The Yarra Valley Touring Company

As our first proper trial run we are now able to give you some more information & update our offering.

Even on a cold (roughly 10 degrees) wet day the igloos are cosy and warm, with our candles from Mr Jasper Says creating a scented ambience.  

After putting up the igloo in-store we thought we may only be able to accommodate up to 5 people but we are happy to announce that 6 people, with 7 people at a max is definitely doable. (all on our vintage lounges or armchairs)

A bit of background info on how long the process takes to set up, and pack up for our team.  Whilst conditions weren't great yesterday and we still have plenty of practice to get under our belt it took 2 Mistresses 1.5hrs to set up the igloo and then another hour to set up the interior (this includes lugging furniture from the van, etc).  Then pack up was about 30mins, and we left the poles for our Junior Mistress to clean once we are back at the shop.  But hey, we think you are all worth it. xx

How can you Igloo in the Wild with us

Here are the options

Book a Winter Igloo Experience in the Yarra Valley.  Running from Friday 28th May till Sunday 5th September we are showcasing 7 venues throughout the region with a 2 week stay at each venue.  Our menus are curated for each venue and will highlight that properties' offerings, whether it be truffles, wine or fruit. 

Venues that we already have booked in include:

Deloraine HomesteadYarra Valley Truffles | Steels Gate WinesRayner's Orchard

Experiences run 7 days a week with a 10:30am, 2:00pm and on Saturday a 5:30pm session as well.

Tickets for these four experiences are now on sale, another 3 experiences will be added shortly.

Book a Private Igloo Experience.  This can be in your backyard, or we can organise it at one of our partner venues.  These can be customised to your requirements.

Lastly our Igloo Experiences will be available exclusively as part of a Yarra Valley Winery tour through The Yarra Valley Touring Company, contact Craig to organise.

Happy High-Teaing lovelies.